About Us

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We’re a retail store that sells high-quality, refurbished flat screen TVs at the lowest prices.

Where do we get our TVs? We reclaim TVs from a variety of sources: former display TVs in “big box” retail stores, returns from big electronics retailers, those “spur of the moment” spenders who experienced buyer’s remorse, or even TVs that simply didn’t get plugged-in or set-up correctly. Regardless of the source, we make sure that the TVs we sell are painstakingly refurbished to ensure quality and your overall satisfaction. Our certified electronics technician test and retest each TV before we even consider showcasing it in our store. For more information about our policies and warranty, please click here. If you want to chat with us, feel free to visit our contact page.

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How Do I Purchase a TV?

We only sell our TVs in our store in St. Louis Park, MN. Why not online? For one, we actually like talking to people face-to -face. And two, we want to show off the quality of our refurbished TVs. They’re crisp, cool, and fun to watch. You just can’t tell that from a website. So, drop by our St. Louis Park store and check out our TVs. Your living room and wallet will thank you.